ABK is dedicated to helping reduce our clients' impact on the environment. Our practices support our customers to improve their environmental performance through Resource Efficiency, Green Procurement and Waste Minimisation.


ABK influences the supply chain to encourage environmental practices with all our suppliers.  We encourage the use of environmentally sustainable paper stocks, inks and finishes, as well as biodegradable plastic wraps and reusable packaging options.


ABK's supplier print panel accreditation encourages all members to undertake the following practices when performing work on behalf of ABK:

  • Recycle aluminium plates
  • Recycle solvents
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle waste
  • Minimise noise pollution and reduce production of harmful gases in manufacturing

ABK favours suppliers who use sustainable production processes, such as:

  • Vegetable based inks in print production
  • Computer to plate technology which reduces film, energy and chemical usage
  • Thermal imaging
  • Recycled paper stocks and paper stocks from plantation timbers


ABK encourages all members of our print panel to have ISO 14001 environmental accreditation and FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) certification.

The ISO14001 standard reviews the total manufacturing process and seeks improvements in aspects such as energy efficiency, waste reduction and pollution control.

PEFC is the world's largest forest certification system.  These standards seek to transform the way forests are managed globally - to ensure that all of us can enjoy the environmental, social and economic benefits that forests offer. 

When the FSC logo is used on a printed piece, it means a supplier has used paper which is made with or contains wood that comes from FSC certified forests.  This enables consumers to choose wood based products with the confidence that they are not contributing to the destruction of world's forests, and therefore providing a further incentive in the marketplace for good forestry practice.  For more information on FSC certification see www.es.fsc.org


ABK strives for Waste Minimisation for our clients through:

  • Right sized print runs, which assists clients to reduce stock obsolescence
  • Flexible packaging options, which results in reduced wastage of printed materials out in the sales channel

ABK is constantly assessing new initiatives, products and practices to improve our sustainability performance both internally and on behalf of our clients.